Head 'em up and move 'em out: Edmonton-style

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Viva Batata!

Sorry it's taken me a while to update this thing. It's taking me a little while to adapt to the heat. And I'm so spoiled that I can't get used to not having internet access in my room! After my first week here I've encountered a great many interesting and head-tilting things, but I thought I'd share this one with you first...

Now this being a country with strong political/social movements, a history of repression, uprisings and dictatorships, I figured that I would probably see some pretty inflammatory graffiti around town, but *nothing* could prepare me for what I saw just down the street from me on the walls of the tennis school. I’ve attached a photo of it so you can see for yourself. Now folks, brace yourselves now as I tell you what batata means in English…drumroll please…it means…are you ready….POTATO!!!! The battlecry for Mr. Potato Head!

More later...sleepy time now.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Windblown in Chicago

So this is supposed to be a blog about Brazil, but I'm not there yet. Sitting in the dank and depressing Chicago Airport killing time before the 13 hour flight, yeehaw! So I thought I'd finally set this baby up. But I do feel the need to backtrack a bit.

Wow...what a way to remember Edmonton! I simply cannot say enough about the Paco Pena dance company. Quite possibly the best show of anything I've seen, ever! And what a wonderful group of people too. I feel so priveleged to have had the chance to learn even just a wee bit from them. Here's some pics of the after-party on Wednesday. And check out Angel's site at www.angelflamenco.com
And as promised, I will post all the rest of the photos, and even video, for the other flamenco gals.

Smoochies to you all - next stop Sao Paulo!