Head 'em up and move 'em out: Edmonton-style

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

By day I am a pillar, but at night I tend to ROAR!

The Roar spoken word festival that kicks off this Thursday. There is just a TON of stuff going on around the city that you really should check out. Poetry and spoken word up the ying yang. So come out and support our province's fine writing community and check out the performance schedule at The Roar website

I'm hoping to get over this cold enough to hit a whole bunch of performances. My sis is hosting Four Rooms on Thursday which features a ton of of awesome women. So hacking or not, I'll be there...check it all out folks.

Monday, September 11, 2006

I’m broke, sick, and snarly; so it’s time for a political rant…

So last week at a poetry reading I heard yet another person talk about how ‘we’re approaching an important anniversary next week, we all need to reflect, yada yada yada’. Yep, ye olde September 11th.

But which September 11th, you might ask? Because she might also be talking about another pretty frickin’ important anniversary of massive bloodshed connected to that date. And an informed individual who’s taking the time to write about an important historical event, of course wouldn’t want to diminish the other anniversary by acting as if there was only ONE important September 11th, would she?

But silly me, it’s all about 2001. Don’t get me wrong, my heart aches for those who lost their loved ones in that horrid event (including those we haven’t counted who are dying from the toxic waste left behind). But there is a certain callousness in us completely forgetting about the 70,000 Chileans who died or simply disappeared as a result of the US-led coup on that day in 1973. Because the simple fact is, that in both cases the massive loss of life was a result of American imperialism and a wanton disrespect for the dignity of human beings in general.

The support and instigatation of the violent removal of a democratically-elected leader (hell, his lead was bigger than Bush’s and had a hell of a stronger constitutional argument!) and leaving in its stead a tyrant responsible for countless deaths and torture during his 17-year reign, is that not an action we should spend a moment pondering? Granted I wasn’t around in 1974, but I’d be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts there wasn’t any worldwide moment of silence on September 11th of that year. Nor do I think there’s been one since.

I’m probably being a little unfair directing my rant at this particular artist. Lord knows it could have been a kick-ass poem but I’m afraid I tuned out after that. It was just the straw that broke the camel’s back, I guess.

But as my mood has been tempered a bit today by some quality nature-walking with the dogs, I will try and end this post with some comfort for the soul - a wee bit of hope. A little Neruda (who more appropriate for today?) from my lovely birthday-present collected works:

My heart’s in this struggle.
My people will overcome. All the peoples
will overcome, one by one.
These sorrows
will be wrung like handkerchiefs until
all the tears shed on the desert’s
galleries, on graves, on the steps
of human martyrdom, are squeezed dry.
But the victorious time’s nearby.
Let hatred reign so that punishment’s
hands won’t tremble,
let the hour hand
reach its timetable in the pure instant,
and let the people fill the empty streets
with fresh and firm dimensions.

Here’s my tenderness for that time.
You’ll know it. I have no other flag.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Let the madness begin!!!

The 3-day novel contest is now upon us, man it crept up quickly! So please come out and join us at the South point (calgary trail) chapters this weekend for writing insanity. Gawk, taunt, and bother the writers in their attempts to create a novel while living in the store for 72 hours straight. The kick-off is tonight at midnight and the store will be open until 1am for the start.

If you don't have a car but want to come out, just give me a call as I'm catering the event and I'll be back and forth lots. Also, one of my best friends is competing and has info on his blog including bus routes and schedules. The challenges are going to be very very interesting. Saturday night's should be a great one to come by for!

And if you can't make it, visit the website for live updates and video.

Hope to see you there - it should be an absolute blast!

Oh yes, and Electrolucy is acting at official pet therapy dog for the event and would love visits too! Plus she had a special super-stressful bath and trim for the occasion and is in need of therapy herself now...