Head 'em up and move 'em out: Edmonton-style

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So for all my flamenco friends out there I thought I'd give you the scoop on what I'm doing in that realm.

I managed to find this great studio here, run by Ana Esmeralda.

Ana Esmeralda, who some of you probably know, was in the movie El Amor Brujo, along with several other Spanish flamenco films. She moved here ages ago and opened up this school. She's pretty much ended up being the center of the flamenco world in Sao Paulo.

So I'm taking classes twice a week, at least whenever I can make it - my schedule and brain are both kind of screwey at the moment. I'm never entirely sure who teaches when I go, sometimes it's Ana, and sometimes it's another great girl named Roberta. Either way, it's great. The dancers are super friendly and stay after class to help me learn routines they've been working on. Next week I start a castanet class.

The only down side is I'm routinely getting my ass kicked for old bad habits I need to break. The whole 'not moving my hips' thing and that stupid 'seated position', both of which were taught to me by the "Evil that shall remain nameless." You know who I'm talking about. Thank god for you, Jane, for getting me started on breaking those habits!!

Anyway, it's been a groovy opportunity.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Okay, I realize I'm not the best at blogging. But it's been largely due to less than optimal internet access. I'll try to improve!

They have a very interesting type of vending machine here. You know how in Japan, you could get beer, underwear, whatever? Well here, they have books vending machines. Everything from guides to worker's rights, sensual massage, and sodoku. And the prices are excellent. I had looked at them a few times, but didn’t really see anything I was interested in; until today. Today I peered into one of the machines and found Friedrich Engels’ (of Marx & Engels, of course) “On the Origin of Family, Private Property, and the State.” IN A VENDING MACHINE!!!! For $2!! So of course, I *had* to get it. It comes all nicely wrapped in plastic and when you take it out, included is a little wrapping gift bag (in case you’re giving your favourite commie a present) and a penny (since all the prices end with 0.99).

Now, if I can just get through "Hello Kitty Goes to School" in Portuguese, I may actually be able to move on to this book...